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Ministry's Outreach to its Diaspora & Resettlement

earthEffective April 1, 2014, Barbadians who are intending to resettle in Barbados, having spent at least ten (10) years living abroad will be able to purchase a duty-free vehicle locally under the Barbados Networkers Programme (formerly known as the Returning Nationals Programme).

Barbadians who meet the required criteria and are approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade will be able to submit the appropriate documentation, and visit the showroom of any local car dealer to purchase one (1) duty-free vehicle according to the stipulations of the Barbados Networker policy. Persons must be mindful that the vehicle must be paid for in full, using funds directly transmitted from an overseas account bearing the name of the networker or their legal spouse.

Cabinet recently gave the green light for the change; both to facilitate Barbadians returning home who wish to avoid the hassle of importing a vehicle; to allow local car dealers to benefit from an additional stream of revenue, and to enable government to boost the country’s foreign exchange earning capacity. Barbadians in the diaspora desirous of resettling in Barbados have long made a case for the change, noting the many benefits which would accrue to the country. The government has responded to their concerns, and the administrative arrangements have been instituted to facilitate the unveiling of the new facility.

Should there be further queries concerning the new arrangements, Barbadians are also urged to reach out to the Consular Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade for clarification.

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