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Employee Assistance Programme

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Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

This programme was introduced in the Public Service in 1998 and was developed as a result of wide interest in the issues which it addresses. It has been expanded to include all services offered under an EAP according to the standards and practices of the Employee Assistance Programme Association (EAPA). The programme is worthwhile in promoting the Public Sector Reform process by providing employees with a mechanism to address issues that may negatively impact upon their productivity and morale. Its confidentiality has been accepted by public officers to the extent that an increased number of organisations are requesting counselling for crisis situations. It has been a very successful programme to date. Over 1,800 workshop days covering such areas as teambuilding, grievance handling and stress management have been held and over 5000 public officers, and in some cases their immediate relatives, have received counselling. The EAP is also utilised in counselling members of our 'essential services'.